A walk in the shops this time of the year and you immediately understand what the trends of the season are. This year, however, due to the pandemic, such a thing was not possible, so the #VesperStylish Girl, Terry Paganopoulou surfed the internet and spotted the Styling Trends for Spring Summer ’21.

High Waist Bodysuit

Bodysuits are key wardrobe pieces, and usually they are not the star of our look. This season, however, it stops hiding underneath the pants or the skirt and it becomes visible high at the waist. That way it makes a statement and adds a sexy touch to our appearance.

Οι στυλιστικές τάσεις για την άνοιξη καλοκαίρι '21

Pull & Bear

Long skirts and dresses with high side slit

Summer is a season that we seek for comfort, and our choice of clothing really matters. Light and airy dresses and skirts are ideal. In fact, if they have a side slit, that’s even better. This season the trend for high side slit goes to any kind of skirt, even those in a more strict line.

Οι στυλιστικές τάσεις για την άνοιξη καλοκαίρι '21


Bralette top

Crop tops are definitely a must for summer time. This summer, however, the trend demands something more. The Bralette top comes to steal the show. It is one of the dominant elements of the general trend that prevailed throughout the year, underwear as outerwear, obviously influenced by life in quarantine. This kind of top might sound casual but if you choose one in neutral colour and match it with a jacket, it can be transformed to a sophisticated look.

Οι στυλιστικές τάσεις για την άνοιξη καλοκαίρι '21


Satin Kimono

The satin kimono is also part of the trend underwear as outerwear. The soft feeling and the wonderful designs makes every summer look more stylish. From the beach, to the evening strolls. It is elegant and can be matched with many other pieces of our wardrobe such as a swimsuit or our favorite jeans.

Οι στυλιστικές τάσεις για την άνοιξη καλοκαίρι '21

Mat Fashion

Square toe shoes

Last year, the square shoes with quilted design made their first appearance. This season the square toe trend in shoes has been passed on to many other designs. This makes the shoes even more comfortable.

Οι στυλιστικές τάσεις για την άνοιξη καλοκαίρι '21

Massimo Dutti