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Style has no age and this has been proven over the centuries. Maybe there are some “fashion rules” for women over 50, but that doesn’t mean they don’t possess their own personal style and can’t be recognized as fashion icons. These women do exist and are a source of inspiration for anyone who wants to stand out with her style into the crown. Some of them you know, as they have appeared in magazines show casing  their stylistic choices and others it’s now time to meet them.

Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel , at 94 years of age, is considered one of the most famous teachers of style. Her grand accessories, her oversized glasses, her mix and match outfits, but also her red (mainly) lipstick are the things that make her stand out from all the celebrities of the red carpet. As a fashion designer and business woman, she says that “Fashion, you can buy but Style you possess”.

Lyn Slater

Lyn Slater or else known as Accidental Icon is one of the Instagram women who is famous for her modern urban style. The 63-year-old fashion blogger and university professor decided to start her own blog in 2014, because as she states, she was having trouble finding a fashion blog or magazine that offered an urban, modern, intellectual aesthetic for ordinary women who live in cities, like her own. Although her inspiration came totally Accidental, she eventually appeared in famous fashion magazines to infatuate the readers.

Valerie Von Sobel

The Hungarian actress, interior designer, philanthropist and president of Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation, has been loved for her spirit, charm and kindness shown to her particular style. The 73-year-old fashion icon prefers to wear original hats and matches her avant-garde clothes in a chic way. She is also included in the “Advanced Style” book by the famous photographer and writer Ari Seth Cohen.

Beatrix Ost

The 77-year-old psychologist, artist and writer, who inspires mystery and sensitivity with her style, has been awarded 3 times for her artistic work. Beatrix who signs all her e-mails with “Your body is a good place to be”, remembers her first fashion memory, which was nothing but taking her dad’s tie and using it as a belt at the age of five.

Tziporah Salamon

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The designer, model and writer Tziporah Salamon is a favorite subject of photographers and artists such as Ari Seth Cohen and Bill Cunningham who work for the New York Times. Her original creations are a form of art. According to her, she has spent a lifetime collecting old clothes, hats and accessories, placing them on her sui generis outfits. The New York Times has featured her creations as astonishing.

Patricia Purely

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The Queen of Easter Parade in New York City could not be other than Patricia Fox or as known for her special personal style “Patricia Purely”. She calls herself an assemblage artist because she uses a mixed technique for her creations. Patricia is a fashion icon, a personal stylist, decorator and jewelry designer. She is a source of inspiration for various audiences, from the Millennials (people who came to adulthood in the late 21st century), to the Baby Boomers (people born in the Second World War).