The quality work of Fashion Designer Stylianos is very well known to the public. What people don’t know is that he is an inspiring person. Stylianos is a visioner that puts high goals and he succeeds. Of course that is because he doesn’t rest upon his talent but he works hard to complete his dreams. I am certain that soon he will be leading in international market as well as he has already made the first successful steps to it.

When and how did you decided to become a fashion designer?

I would say that I am a fashionist as I can very well make a garment besides designing it. I was an artistic person since I was a little. I used to dance Break Dance, paint, I loved music and I have also made studies on it. I used to paint portraits, mostly of my friends and family. There was just one drawing of 5 fashion designs, I guess that must have meant something. On the other hand I don’t know how much I was influenced by my fathers occupation with a Wedding Dresses Store in Crete. Although he started when I was all grown up. I have to say that I have experimented with my professional career. I studied economics, I’ve worked as a musician. At some point of my life I came to Athens and became a Broker after my girlfriends motivation. Later I ended up at Pansik Fashion School and I became a Fashion Designer.

Stylianos Rouvakis - Fashion Designer - Interview - Συνέντευξη - VESPER gr Magazine

What made you quit your career on the stock Market and become a Fashion Designer?

I was an artist so economics were not able to fill that gap. There was also my father asking me to come and work with him. So I made my mind and changed my career. I studied Fashion Design and started working at my fathers business.

Stylianos Rouvakis - Fashion Designer - Interview - Συνέντευξη - VESPER gr Magazine

At the moment you leave and work in Athens. How did that happen? 

Its true that I didn’t choose the easy way. Meaning I could have stayed in Crete as my father’s business goes very well. But I have decided to come to Athens and focus on my own brand. I made my decision in 2011 and I fulfilled it in 2012 where I presented my first collection with a very successful start having Dukissa Nomikou participating in my fashion show. At this point I have to say that I had the support of my father by passing me the Knowledge and helping me financially. My relationship with my father was also the reason I’ve decided to do something in Athens. Because when I returned from my studies in Milan, I had a lot of ideas and I wanted to try new , more daring things. But my father, thinking about the burdens of the business, was not ready to take risks. We had different mindset and dreams. So I decided to come to Athens and build my own brand. I also have to thank Erotokritos Kimioni, who though he did not know me well then, he helped me a lot at my beginning. He even hosted me for some time, but I also got a lot of things from him spirituality.

Stylianos Rouvakis - Fashion Designer - Interview - Συνέντευξη - VESPER gr Magazine

What has been the brands’ course since then and how did you manage to reach your current success?

As I’ve already said, I had a dynamic start with the presentation of the “Antithesis” fw13 collection at Athens Xclusive Designers Week. A collection of white and black sets. Incidentally, contrasts are something that characterizes me as a person but also aesthetically. I think that only a classic bridal dress will look old, just a sexy one will come out vulgar, just romantic will be dull. I prefer  combinations. So I came back next season with the “Sayome” SS13 collection where I won the “Best New Designer Award”. Of course it wasn’t an accident. I studied what I had done wrong the first time and I was also committed to my goal. I had no stress or anxiety while preparing it. I just worked very hard. I started in the morning and finished late at night. I was leaving the atelier most of the times at 3 o’clock at night. I bumped into friends on the way home, during their night out, inviting me to join them but I needed some rest as I had to get up early in the morning and get back to work.

Stylianos Rouvakis - Fashion Designer - Interview - Συνέντευξη - VESPER gr Magazine

What’s the secret of your success?

I think it is due to some events that have happened to me and helped me make some crucial decisions about my life. I’ll take you back on my trip to Canada where it was the first time I was away from Crete on holidays for such a long time. There I found myself with a friend who always said “I’m the best”. He was not ashamed to say it. Though I found it exaggerating at that moment, yet the lesson to be learned was that first you have to believe in yourself and help him pass by anything that keeps you away from your dreams. So I came back to Greece and left behind everything that made me unhappy. I felt good about myself and that started showing to the people around me as well. I admit that at some point a book called “The Secret” has fallen into my attention which has affected me a lot. Since then, I have begun setting goals, imagining that I am implementing them and actually achieving them. One of my greatest successes was my agreement with Saudi Arabia for the Royal Family Private Jet Airborne Uniforms. They chose me among 60 designers from all over the world. It was a demanding collaboration and I dived deep into this big amount of work. But I’m glad cause I’ve learned a lot. At this point I will mention a bitterness about Athens Xclusive Designers Week Organization which did not support me when I won the prize, and the prize was never actually materialized. On the other hand it was I that approached them and gave them some big jobs I had taken over. Nevertheless, I thank people who make me see my mistakes because I’m learning through them.

 Stylianos Rouvakis - Fashion Designer - Interview - Συνέντευξη - VESPER gr Magazine



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