If you are a petite woman and you have hard time finding the right clothes, shoes and accessories that will flatter your figure and don’t make you look even smaller, then we have the right styling tips for you!

You should keep in mind that there are many famous women, like Kim Kardashian and Lucy Liu, that are below the average women height, that is 1.63m, but they know which are the closet staples that will do wonders for them.

total black

So let’s see how you can manage to look more stylish and taller. First of all monochromatic sets and particularly total black are the perfect choice, as different colours on bottom and top, will “split” the body and you will look shorter than you actually are.

μικρή τσάντα

Also invest in dresses that emphasize the waist and don’t have much volume. The same goes for jackets, it’s best not to go oversized. Another tip to look taller is to choose a fit blazer and match it with a small bag or backpack.

κοντή φούστα με ψηλά πέδιλα

Mini dresses and skirts, that reveal a big part of your leg, are perfect for petites, especially in dark colors such as black and blue. Pair them of course with high heels! Finally, V-cut shirts make the torso look bigger and that is definitely a good trick for petite women!