We’re a breath away from summer vacation and if there’s one key piece for your summer looks, that’s kimono. You will definitely need it at the beach or the pool to match it with your swimsuit but in fact you can wear it in other places than the beach as well. The kimono is a perfect stylish touch to your summer outfits with tank tops and shorts or pants. So make sure to find a beautiful kimono that will upgrade all your outfits this summer.

The #VesperStylish Girl, Terry Paganopoulou has picked the perfect white long kimono (Noves by Lila Nova) for you, with a wonderful design and pattern. Because it is white, a neutral color, it can be matched with any other color combination you wish for! Terry paired it with a gorgeous fuchsia one piece swimsuit (Noves by Lila Nova). After all, bright colors are ideal for summer. The darker the skin, the more your looks need a strong color to stand out.

Of course, you can become even more the center of attention if you enrich your outfit with accessories. Terry chose to pair it with earrings(Achilleas Accessories), a belt (Achilleas Accessories) and a layered necklace (Claire’s) in gold. Wear impressive sunnies, which besides being utilitarian in this season, add a mystery touch too. So you can drink your favorite cocktail, by the pool, with absolute finesse! Happy diving and carefree holidays!


Photography : YourPhotoPros.gr

Makeup & Hairstyling: Makigiaz.Com

Model & Styling : Terry Paganopoulou

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