Comfort is an extremely important factor when it comes to buying products that you wear or sleep with on a daily basis. That’s why here at {Vesper}, we have the most cozy autumn clothes you can find on the internet!

Everyone takes into account how comfortable the clothes are, when shopping online. They are trying to ensure that by carefully reading the products descriptions.  But a true measure of comfort is sometimes only determined through using the product for an extended period of time — and at that point it may be too late to return.

Luckily, I am a bit obsessed with comfortable clothes and after a rigorous testing process, which ensures that our choices last to time -I know exactly where to look for the cozy autumn clothes on the internet.

To help you improve comfort in your life, without wasting time and money on things that may not be so comfortable to use, we have put together five of our favorite items.


style ζακέτα άσπρη με κουμπιά

White knitted,

In autumn, this cozy  knitted cardigan is soft and breathable. You can match it with a dress, skirt, pants and leggings. You feel really silky and airy and it falls flatteringly.

style παντελόνι φόρμας γκρι

Jogger pants,

This jogger pants from cotton are ideal both to feel comfortable and cozy in your home, but also for your walks. You can definitely wear it during fall, but also in the winter.

ρόμπα χνουδωτή oysho

Soft touch fluffy bath robe, Oysho

Surely a robe, like this fluffy and warm one, could not be missing from the list of the most cozy autumn clothes. It’s all you need to lie down after a bath in your bed or sofa, relax or even work on your laptop.
oysho κάλτσες

Long cotton socks, Oysho

oysho παντόφλες

Lightweight furry slides,  Oysho

Finally, for your absolute comfort, we suggest a pair of cotton socks, for cold nights and fur slippers.