Along with the summer days comes also the carefree days and relaxation… but don’t let this otherwise beautiful mood negatively affect the skin of your face.

The mistakes we often make can be prevented in just a few minutes.

Let’s see them together!

  1. Too much bronzer

We look forward to our skin to get suntanned.

However, this often leads to the misuse of bronzer in areas of the face that does not fit.

To be precise, the only areas we should use it are the cheekbones, the nose bone, the chin and the forehead.

2. Wrong concealer application

Many times we use this product because we don’t want to look tired.

However, in order to achieve a good and bright result, it has to look natural.

To achieve this result we mustn’t use large amounts of the product. In fact we should create a  “triangle” under our eyes and make the best possible blending with the rest of our makeup.

3. Forgeting to clean the brushes

We usually fall in love with brushes at first sight and buy them without a second thought.

But how often do we remember to clean them?

Makeup, dust and bacteria are always present so we must not forget to use often the right products in order to clean them.

We wish you happy holidays!