One word can perfectly describe the plaid dress … t-i-m-e-l-e-s-s!

The checked dress may be one of the very strong upcoming trends this season but it is also a wardrobe staple that you will wear for a long time.

Elegant, chic, timeless … it is certain that when you buy one, you will wear them so many times that you will definitely enjoy it.

Even though this year’s spring has found us in our homes, we have time to rethink all our habits and especially consumerism.  Our need to approach aesthetics and elegance will stay the same, but some of our consumer habits will probably change.

Coming out of the current situation we may be a little more aware of what is really worth and how we can approach it through a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

The plaid dress is the ultimate trend this season, after all, we too wear at this point … a new “imaginary dress” in our behaviour, full of boxes that represent the things that we really need in order to shape our lives.

Let’s hope for the best and keep safe!