After a long period of being locked at home due to quarantine, our first vacation this summer seems idyllic.

During summer, anxiety, stress, unnecessary thoughts and objects give their way to relaxation and enjoyment of the most beloved time of the year.

The same goes for our beauty routine.

Let’s see together the necessary products for our summer make up and skincare.


Remember that your sunscreen should have at least 30SPF protection and ideally color to give a uniform skin tone throughout the day.

2. Facial cleanser & moisturizer

The essentials for the daily care of our face.

Facial cleanser to get rid of all unnecessary or harmful elements for our skin and cream for our daily hydration.

3. Mascara

And this is because we believe that makeup, no matter how simple, can not exist without mascara.

4. Lipstick

2 to 3 lipsticks in different shades, from pale to dark, will help us match our make up with various outfits throughout the day.

5. Βronzer


Because it is the only time of the year when we are tanned … we want to accentuate it a little bit! Use it on your cheekbones and your chin.

6. Perfume

Last but not least, we are not going anywhere without our perfume.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Happy Holidays!