A white shirt is an equivalent to a white canvas … It gives us unlimited possibilities in the way we can create our outfits while guaranteeing the elegance of the result.

The white shirt is a must have piece for the female wardrobe. But how can we choose one or more white shirts that will be a “passepartout” for our everyday styling choices?

White Shirt - Must Have item


It’s pretty simple actually. We do the opposite of what a fashion expert would advise us to do. Before any logical argument you may have, I explain that we have to give priority to our instinct, listening to that inner voice that in some cases tell  us what is really perfect for us.

However, we will give you an idea of when a white shirt is worth buying and why. The number one factor, of course, is the fabric. Beyond the obvious and classic choice of 100% cotton and the soft texture of a light fabric, you should emphasize also on other features.

ZaraWhite Shirt - Must Have item

The ideal white shirt should first of all, fit perfectly to your shoulders. It is also important to focus on the collar. It should be clear that both sides are symmetrical. Details such as buttons and buttonholes, should also be considered. And if everything seems to be right, examine carefully the sleeves, which should allow the natural movement of your hands and they should also end just at the point where your palm meets your wrist.

We hope, we’ve  helped you find the perfect white shirt, as it is a “key”  piece for your wardrobe. Remember though, that the “rules” of fashion can be broken, so follow your instinct!

Λευκό Πουκάμισο: Το απόλυτο must-have item!

Massimo Dutti