Lip blushing is a semi-permanent makeup process, such as eyeshadow extension and eyeliner tattoos that becomes more and more popular. Most of these services are now available at affordable prices and they are applied in a short period of time. In nowdays most of the dermatologists and cosmetologists apply such treatments.

Specifically, lip blushing improves the appearance of the lips, by depositing the pigment ink with a mechanical needle. So your lips have a more natural look and a more beautiful color. With this procedure you can improve the lines of your lips, without looking fake or too intense.

Lip blushing is popular among young women, but is often confused with lip tattooing. In lip blushing, the lip colour is applied with shading or pixelating techniques, which are close to your skin tone. The healing takes place in about five to ten days and can last up to two years.

Finally, before you go ahead and do this procedure, it is good to discuss with your cosmetologist the right shade that will suit you. Before applying the semi-permanent dye, a cream will be applied for local anesthesia and of course you must follow the instructions of the specialist by letter. The whole process takes about half an hour.