The season changes, our wardrobe changes, so does our perfume! Shorts and sandals make room for leather jackets and  boots, the same goes for the cool and summer scents that will be replaced by more spicy and bold ones.

We have a list of the best perfumes for the new season for you to make an impression!


idole perfume lancome

Idole, Lancome

The latest Lancome perfume, made by women for women, is a blend of roses, jasmine and white chypre petals. Wear it and discover your own glow.

roberto cavalli άρωμα

Florence- Roberto Cavalli

A perfume that if you love orange blossom and grapefruit, you will wear it all day. It is a perfect combination with hibiscus seeds, which give an exotic and mysterious scent.

giorgio armani my way

My way-Giorgio Armani


Discover Giorgio Armani’s new women’s perfume, the elegant and feminine My way. Orange from Egypt, jasmine from the heart of India, vanilla from Madagascar, are just some of the ingredients that will leave your scent wherever you go. Two or three drops on the neck and wrist and you are ready to go!


carolina herrera

Good girl-Carolina Herrera

Good Girl, a perfume that we can describe as special and sexy. It is a combination of berries, jasmine, Tonka Bean and Vetiver, in a very impressive black heel. The spike heels and the glitter of the package, add an extra luxurious touch.

scandal jean paul gaultier

Scandal-Jean Paul Gaultier

So Scandal is a playful and bold fragrance of the unique Jean Paul Gaultier. In the footsteps of the famous Scandal but more flowery, with sweet orange and jasmine.