Large collars, puffy sleeves and coloured embroideries…. reigned supreme during the past winter and spring on tops.

However, summer days and the heat are ideal for minimal aesthetics and also, a new trend, which we would definitely characterise as … cool!

The trend is the so-called one shoulder top, that leaves exposed one of our shoulders in an elegant and playful way, giving a fresh air to our summer looks.

This particular top has made its appearance last summer and it is certain that you will be able to find it in many interesting variations.

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Wil de zon terug ☀️

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Ideally, prefer the more chic versions of the one shoulder top as well as the monochrome versions that will give a touch of luxury and elegance to your otherwise simple summer outfits.

Do not hesitate to combine beautiful jewellery with your one shoulder top, such as necklaces or bracelets, ideally in gold tones if you are already a little bit tanned from the sun.

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“Trust me when I say – when it’s right, everything that you love ruthlessly will love you back with the same conviction. Trust me when I say – when it’s right, the things you reach for in life, the things you deeply hope for, they will reach back. And I promise you, when that happens you will understand that all of the things that you ached for that did not work out, all of the hearts that failed to appreciate the home you made for them inside of yourself, they were not the things that broke you, or ruined you, or made you less worthy. No, instead, you will se that they built you. They taught you about yourself. They led you to the person you were born to be, and they guided you to the person you were meant to be with. They shaped you, they challenged you, they grew you.”

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These tops are combined with almost everything, such us shorts, high-waisted skirts and office pants for your business meetings during the hottest days.