It’s nice to hear that you’ve got style. This doesn’t necessarily mean  you have to be well-dressed, even a street style look can be chic, especially in our days that this style dominates. The most important thing is to stay true to your style and not be tempted by trends and people who want to change you. The secret in good style is to feel comfortable with it and to be able to support it. Otherwise you will feel uncomfortable inside and this will show from outside.

Some tips to maintain your style.

Every season a new trend comes up. Find the design or the colors that suit you and adapt the trend to your own style.

Dress  according to the occasion. Surely you have to dress differently at work, in a social event, in your walk with your best friends or on a date. You don’t have to deny your style. Just tone it up or down where needed and choose the appropriate garment for the occasion.

Prefer good quality in your clothes. A well tailored garment, a quality fabric, will make you look even more stylish.

Dress up according to your body type and your age. Find the clothes that match your body type and your style will take off. Also dress according to your age. As we grow up, changes in our body are inevitable. Think smart and adjust your style with clothes that cover up any imperfections.

Never wear anything that doesn’t suit you. Something may look perfect to your friend but that does not mean that it will look the same on you. Just don’t wear it. Once you see that it is not right for you, surely the others can see it too.