Maria Tripolitaki Vesper Beauty & Fashion editor


An old but classic fabric comes to take off your style this season, and this is the “king of fabrics”, the velvet or velours (fre) or velluto (ita). This is a luxurious fabric with a soft texture of 100% cotton and golden stripes on the hem. It is said that its origin is European, nevertheless it seems that it comes from the East and more specific from China, where pieces from the Qin dynasties (221-206 BC) and Western Han (206 BC-23 AD) were found made of silk. On the other hand, Iraq was one of the first producers of velvet, while Cairo has been a place of production for a long time with pieces since 2000 BC.

MaxMara                                           Elie Saab                                                  Luisa Beccaria

Well, it doesn’t matter much where it comes from, but the fact that it has remained in the history of fashion as a fabric that gives luxury and prestige either to the imperial members or to the members of the court or later on to all the faces of the high society. A scene where Scarlett O’Hara (Vivien Leigh) convincing her Mammy (Hattie McDaniel) to make her a dress from her room’s velvet curtains in order to look like a queen, as she says when she will ask for Rhett Butler’s (Clark Gable) financial help in the movie Gone with the Wind, is very well known.

The dress was hosted at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London at the “Hollywood Costume Exhibit”.

The velvet is a fabric that every woman must have in her wardrobe. Already it has been established since last season  as a must-have piece that can be worn from the early morning to the New Year’s Eve. Big fashion houses and famous clothing brands also chose to have velvet pieces for this fall-winter collections. There was a great variety of designs  as it’s a fabric that can be made of cotton, silk, nylon or viscose. Of course the authentic velvet comes from silk, so because of  its price this fabric is associated with luxury.

We’ve chosen the best pieces and present you with the ones that each woman must have in her wardrobe. Whatever you wear, I’m sure it will elevate your style and giving a velvet touch in your look.

1. A velvet blazer is an all time classic

ZARA-Contrasting Velvet Blazer

2. Belt bag is the new trend

Gucci-Black Velvet Belt Bag

3. A coat that can be used as a dress

Self-Portrait-Drapped Duck Egg Velvet Coat

4. It’s Jimmy’s velvet

Jimmy Choo-Bottle Green Velvet Sandals

5. Your little black velvet dress

H&M-Velour Dress with Pearly Beads

6. Something for your head

Stradivarius-Set of 2 Bow Scrunchies