Our hair need daily care in order to be healthy and shiny. Either we have straight hair, curly, dyed, oily or dry we have to make sure that they remain soft and try not to damage them, except maybe by using a hairdryer or dyes that most of the times we can’t avoid.

That is why in addition to the right shampoo, conditioner and styling products for our hair, we have to use a hair mask that will meet our needs, choosing one according to our hair type.

orzene μάσκα βαμμένα μαλλιά

Orzene mask colored

For dyed hair I suggest a mask that offers shine and color duration, while protecting them from the sun, which causes faster fading of dyed hair.

frezyderm μάσκα για τριχόπτωση Frezyderm Hair Force Treatment Mask

If you have a tendency for hair loss, a nutrition mask would be ideal. It should moisturize your hair and furthermore it has ingredients that will prevent the hair from breaking.

schwarzkopf gliss μάσκα ταλαιπωρημένα μαλλιά

Schwarzkopf Gliss mask for damaged hair

Hair tired and worn out over time? Then you definitely need a hair mask for extra hair care, with keratin to help your hair recover from root to tip and shine again.

pantene μάσκα για μπούκλες

Pantene curl mask

Finally if you have curly hair, but you’re tired of them going wild and frizzy, you should use a special mask that will help you to have beautiful curls and sleek hair.