Domus Art Gallery presented the Women Incolors exhibition with the artworks of two artists: the Italian Giusy Lauriola and the Greek-Irish natassa Kaloti. Different origins but similar in the research results they have undertaken as women and artists. From Giusy Lauriola’s resin elusive and liquid women arriving at natassa Kaloti’s oxymora’s style, who uses the human body as a means to imprint a spatiotemporal stamp on canvas.

In Women Incolors the two artists have left the past persona of women being a muse, and have put them in the foreground of their work.

Women Incolors exhibition - Giusy Lauriola and Natassa Kaloti at Domus Art Gallery

Giusy Lauriola in her work interprets the feminine universe showing the sweetness, the power, the fragility, the bright colours, the sensuality, and the strength it contains.

As Lauriola’s notes “ this new series of artwork is the research result via the use of resin and colours. I wanted to create transparent but hidden figures, fragile but strong, by starting from the figurative style and arriving at abstract expressionism. It’s my way of expressing the feminine state. This is the reason I call them Liquid Women. Liquid, because resin represents water and water arrives everywhere.’

Women Incolors exhibition - Giusy Lauriola and Natassa Kaloti at Domus Art Gallery

Natassa Kaloti has worked on the series “Illusion of Free Will” extensively exploring movement, prints, mixed media (gold leaf and acrylics) and performance. There is a strong philosophical background supporting this work, which is then translated onto the canvas by the use of dancers leaving their print via a set composition of a series of movement, which in turn becomes the foundation upon which she works back into.


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The exhibition extended until June 30th