Thrift-shopping, is an increasingly popular term in the last few years, which means buying pre-owned and vintage clothes. The need for sustainable fashion is a fact, since it is not just beneficial for the environment, but it actually gives us the chance to own statement pieces by famous brands, from past collections or haute couture clothing from past decades, all, in really affordable prices.

“Sustainable” or “ethical fashion”, are the terms that describe the whole process of fashion design, from production to purchase, that aim at fair working conditions, sustainable production, zero environmental impact and animal welfare. A great part of sustainable fashion, is thrift shopping.

Although Greece is not one of the first countries to explore this new chapter in fashion, we gladly notice that vintage & thrift shops become increasingly popular, especially in the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki. If you are used to buying clothes only from franchise, fast fashion brands, maybe it is time you explored thrift shops. Most of their pieces are unique, so it is almost impossible to see another woman rocking the same look as you, at the street.

Ethical Fashion and Social Media

Many vintage shops already make a strong impact in worldwide social platforms, like Instagram, giving us the opportunity to choose between unique fashion items, that compliment our style and personality, from the comfort of our home. If you wish to include thrift clothing in your wardrobe, keep on reading…we have searched for the most trending Instagram Vintage Shops for you. All you need to do, is to explore your options, get inspired and purchase a signature piece with a simple DM!

Vintage Darling

An online fashion space created with love by Patia Iordanidou – journalist and vintage enthusiast. Here, you will find unique, pre-owned pieces, carefully chosen. From clothing and bags to stylish accessories and jewellery that match your uniqueness.

Source: Instagram/ Vintage Darling

 The Vintage Lodge

One of the instagram accounts that caught our attention, thanks to its beautiful aesthetics. Tips for fashionable daily looks (knitwear, overcoats) and office attire, like blazers with big shoulder pads, for you who want to be a 90’s boss lady.

Source: Instagram / The Vintage Lodge

Anna Oh Sailors

If you prefer minimal aesthetics and clothing that stands out with its simplicity and great quality, and you love handmade creations, then Anna Oh Sailors, is the right brand for you. Knitwear, satin dresses, skirts and tops, handmade trousers, stylish summer jewellery, are some of the small treasures you will find here.

Source: Instagram / Anna Oh Sailors

V for Vintage Athens

One of the most popular, if not the most trending insta shop with vintage clothing. Here, you will find bold, street style clothing pieces, clearly inspired by the 80’s & 90’s. Bright colours and big patterns, sportswear and more glamorous pieces.  V for Vintage Athens, has a unique identity, like you!

Source: Instagram/ V for Vintage Athens

Para vent

If you are an all things vintage enthusiast and your nostalgic taste goes beyond clothing, Para vent, gives you a variety of choices between antique and vintage inspired daily use items. An online concept store based in both Athens and Paris, that worths your visit.

Source: Instagram/ Para vent

Vulpus Vintage

A collection of vintage treasures based in Athens”.  At Vulpus Vintage, you will find vintage jewellery that will elevate your casual look and will compliment a more glamorous outfit.

Source: Instagram/ Vulpus Vintage

Kanelle Vintage

Last but not least, we introduce you an online shop with French aesthetic. Based in Paris, it aims at promoting french finesse and nostalgia. Lingerie pieces from the 20’s, dresses with lace and silk, are some of the beautiful items you can make your own, to create an ethereal, romantic look or to add some girly touches to a bolder, modern outfit.

Source: Instagram / Kanelle Vintage