Christina Badoyianni - Χριστίνα Μπαδογιάννη - Vesper Fashion EditorEvery new season, when the new collections are out in the stores, we get deluged by the feeling of a shopaholic. Maybe it’s  just an excuse to complain about not having anything to wear, or that our clothes are just not in fashion anymore. Instead of letting this affect us and find ourselves buying half the store, we should consider how can we adjust the trends in our personal style and elevate it. In order to do so, we must pick some pieces that can be mixed & matched easily. They have to be statement pieces so that we will choose faster the rest, basic pieces of the look.

A good choice can be  either an embroidered blazer, a floral patterned Kimono, or just a statement jacket that can be perfectly matched with a simple black dress. Additionally, we can elevate our style by investing on a great pair of shoes. They can be monochromed but unique or colourful enough to make the perfect look when worn with a pair of denim trousers and a classic T-shirt. Another one useful and all-time-classic tip that most of us keep in mind, is to emphasize on a statement bag. A big one or just a clutch, to include only the necessary items. It’s good enough to give vividness to our outfit and make it bold without feeling uncomfortable with it – besides is there a woman who doesn’t dream of having an extravagant bag?

However, if we want some safer and more economic options, we can always just wear accessories with unique shape or colours, belts that can totally transform a dress or an oversized shirt, or even colourful scarves reminding us of the French style.

01_Tips_to_elevate_your_outfit_0410Military blazer with buttons Bershka | Blazer with floral pattern  ZARA | Jacket with embroidered back ZARA


Sandals with ankle straps H&M | Pink highheels Migato | Golden mules Migato


Striped pouch in medium size by synthetic pattern Saffiano  Kem |Bohemian pouched clutch Achilleas Accessories | Golden shoulder bag Migato


Beige belt DOCA | Earrings with pom pons ZARA | 2-pack necklace H&M |Elastic corset with string in front ZARA


Large scarf  H&M  | Set of scarves for the neck Bershka