The suit is definitely a wardrobe basic piece. Even if you are not one of those women that wear it all the time, you always have two or three for these occasions you are required you to wear them. Even if you do not wear it as a set, this jacket can make countless combinations with the rest of your clothes. So you can’t say that suits are a trend. And yet this year the suits have are on the spotlight. They are everywhere! Even in the most budget friendly brands there is a great variety. But there is a twist in this fashion trend. It is all about the color! So the suits you are used to see in neutral shades become playful and take on all the colors of the rainbow.

The predominant shades.

It is not just the fact that the suits have color but this trend wants them in bold colors. Think about hues of orange, red, blue, pink, green. Bold colors that will make you stand out this spring! It is an opportunity to take advantage of this year’s trend and put in your wardrobe a suit in your favorite bright color that you will hardly find in the usual winter suits.

The #VesperStylish Girl’s styling idea

The #VesperStylish Girl, Terry Paganopoulou has a great outfit proposal for you to include this trend in your wardrobe. The blue tweed jacket  (). Here is a secret about its color. You do not need to be worry if it will suit you because blue is a color that suits everyone! Whether you are cool or warm, blue looks great on both.

On the other hand if you can’t stand too much intensity and wear matching colour at the bottom, then opt for a white pant  (). It will add a fresh note to your appearance. If you wish to elevate your styling, then impress with color blocking accessories. A red bag  () and red tassel earrings  () are just what you need. Complete your outfit with a touch of glamour and gold heels that match perfectly the details of gold buttons on the jacket!


Photography :

Makeup & Hairstyling: Makigiaz.Com

Model :

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