We often wonder about the distance between art and fashion, the unexpected and everyday life, style and aesthetics…

How much art is needed to regenerate a fashion item and how much fashion is needed to extend the boundaries of art?

When boundaries are blurred then aesthetics and functionality take their place in this extremely charming game.

No one can “rule” the boundaries of art, but what we can say about Konstantin Kofta’s new SS20 Impulse collection is that it makes us thing twice about the concept of everyday objects by making us “see” them through a new perspective.

A bowling alley, a skateboard, a tennis racket or even a pair of ice skates are transformed into everyday objects, into bags that, in a futuristic world view, start an interesting game between surprise and beauty, usability and paradox, timeless and fashion.

The brand “Kofta” has been based in Ukraine since 2010 and specializes in the production of leather goods.

It has already succeeded to stand out and won several awards in “art and fashion” competitions.