Could you imagine suitcases and bags made of stone, tiles or mosaics?

The Brazilian artist Luiz Philippe does exactly that, creating sculptures using the aforementioned materials.

Everyday objects become the center of a peculiar reflection…What are the burdens of our day-to-day lives and how beautiful or luxurious we disguise them so that they do not to disturb or weaken us?

Every day we carry our necessary or imposing burdens in our way but at the same time they remind us of our nature, that seems to be made out of the same materials!

The artists says about his inspiration:

“The idea came up in 1996 in an insight. Suddenly in one click. But of course our mind already gathers and loads the prerequisites and configurations necessary for an idea to form in one click!”

“I think the Stone Suitcase has an intimate relationship with the memory, with the luggage, good or bad, that we carry for life”

In addition, Luiz Philippe rebuilds another everyday item, a peculiar chair.

The sculpted-chair with the crossed legs makes us think once again about the limits of usability and the art but of the paradox that makes clear sense.. at the same time.

Looking at this chair, is like the chair itself has crossed its feet and observe us.. before we observe it. It’s not just waiting for us to sit on it without a second thought, it’s there to trigger our minds.

And the work of Luiz Philippe, as a whole, does exactly that!


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Luiz Philipe: Η τέχνη της πέτρας