You should never miss the sense of style, even if you are late. Knowing how to dress comfortable and fashionable is a skill that all gentlemen have to develop because you never know who you are going to meet. So, let’s see how you can dress with an attitude (yours, always!) without sacrificing a sense of comfort.

What is Casual dressing?

Being casual dressed doesn’t mean you have to hit the streets with pajamas or old track suits. On the contrary, casual dressing is a combination of comfort with a modern but utilitarian look. This means that you should already have key pieces of a male wardrobe, such as a white cotton tee and blue jeans. But to achieve a stylish outfit with just two pieces, these pieces should fit together, be clean and in good shape. Just that, is enough to get you started!

And when should I wear casual clothes?

Daytime Errands

When you have to run for obligations, comfortable clothes are necessary. So if you know you’re going to be busy with shopping etc., you have to make sure you wear something practical. A pair of jeans or chinos are both excellent choices. Similarly, for the summer, shorts are also an ideal choice. As for the top, a simple t-shirt and a bomber or leather jacket will keep you warm and stylish. When it comes to the shoes, chose a cute sneaker.

Ανδρικά Casual Ντυσίματα

Zara: Leather Jacket With Pockets / Sweater With Combined Stripes / Two-tone Leather Belt / Jeans Basic Essentials


Ανδρικά Casual Ντυσίματα

Pull & Bear Jogging Bermuda


Ανδρικά Casual Ντυσίματα

Zara: Synthetic Fleece Pants / Pouch Pocket Parka With Reflective Bands / Sneakers With Big Sole


Evening Events

And when we say evening events, we mean a drink at the weekend or a relaxed dinner. Again there is no need to unfold your talent in styling. All you need is a pair of jeans in either black or blue. Choose a shirt or a good quality T-shirt and a jacket or leather. An excellent set that will surely impress without having tried too hard.

Ανδρικά Casual Ντυσίματα

Pull & Bear: Cowboy-colored denim shirt  / Regular Comfort Jeans / Blouse with thick knit Join Life


Ανδρικά Casual Ντυσίματα

H&M: Cotton shirt Regular fit


Date Night

When you choose the outfit for a date with your girlfriend, you want to impress. But you don’t want to look too much over the top. Slim, dark jeans or chinos will make you look groovy and cool. For the top, find the balance with a nice shirt that suits you, a nice coat or a blazer. I think it’s better to avoid sneakers.

Ανδρικά Casual Ντυσίματα

Zara: Blazer With Gold Buttons / Jersey Sweater / Black Moccasin – Zara Light


Ανδρικά Casual Ντυσίματα

H&M: Suit trousers Skinny Fit