Summer is here, but nature has not yet acquired its golden hues. On the contrary, it is at the peak of its blossom and the colors are brighter than any other time of the year. This beautiful color palette that fills you with optimism is worth putting into your everyday life, even at the office, through your appearance.

In recent years, fashion, wanting to do its part in enhancing people’s better quality of life, has incorporated color into all areas of our daily lives. It offers all kind of clothing in a variety of bright colours, from everyday casual clothes to office garments. Impressive colors that catch the eye, increase your confidence and lift up your mood.

Τhe Vesper Stylish Look

#VesperStylish Girl, Terry Paganopoulou, has the perfect outfit idea, with a deep purple suit (). Match it with a satin shirt () in pale pink color. Complete the look with matching shoes  () and bag () in black or nude color.

Everyone that works in an office knows very well that a suit is ideal even in the summer. With a suit you can deal with the early morning chill, before you get to the office. Layering is ideal, allowing you to take the jacket on and off, depending on the temperature. Furthermore, even though it’s summer, most women wear the jacket in the office during the day, because of the air conditioning.


Photography :

Makeup & Hairstyling: Makigiaz.Com

Model & Styling :

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