The tiny, but extremely important, detail that can help us find the perfect shade of lipstick is to know the skin category we belong in: warm or cool?
If you have a cool skin tone, like I do, then we usually have a slightly lighter skin color than those with warm tones, which may have a darker or a “golden” skin color.

If you find it difficult to say to which tone you belong to, then it is probably that it’s a mixture of the two.
So if you belong to those with the cooler tones choose a red lipstick,  but avoid the orange shades and prefer deeper red colors.
If you belong to those with warm tones, choose lipsticks in warm tones like classic red and orange.
If you have both warm and cold tones, then you are lucky as most of the colors suits you.
Extra tip: After using a lipstick, press a tissue between your lips and powder them lightly until you see a matte result. 
Slide one more layer of lipstick and now it is sure to that it will last for a long time!
Merry Christmas!