I’m pretty sure that until now, you used cocoa butter only for your chapped lips. However, its benefits for the skin and hair are numerous. You can find it in many forms, from a simple lotion to a dry oil and if you try it once, you are not going to give it up.

  1. Sensitive skin

Lots of people are having difficult time concerning the sensitivity of their skin. Whether you have a painful skin condition or your skin is sensitive to anything, from heat to exfoliating products, you will experience a great change while using cocoa butter.

2. Scars

Have you ever heard that cocoa butter “cures” stretch marks?  Well, there is no research to confirm that, but there are many who swear by it. Using cocoa butter on your daily beauty routine can certainly reduce the appearance of stretch marks and it actually works wonders for scars. Cuts, marks from acne and discolored areas can even be erased.

3. Antioxidants

Cocoa butter is full of antioxidants, which benefit your body in many ways. They battle free radicals, protect the skin from dust and exhaust gas and reduce the signs of aging. Furthermore, they prevent the skin from the dry out caused by free radicals. You can use cocoa butter in oil, cream, lotion or consume it raw as food.

4. Soft lips

The most known and favorite use of cocoa butter is for our lips. It moisturizes them deeply, protects them from burst and leaves them smooth. Plus, it smells awesome and leaves a great taste.

  1. Hair

Yes, it is also very helpful for your hair. It can strengthen them, moisturize them and make them more manageable. It can also help with breakage, and if your hair are fine it can add volume. You can use cocoa butter oil for immediate results, but there are also shampoos infused with cocoa butter.