The blanket scarf is a must-have accessory and definitely has a spot in our wardrobe. This very comfortable and warm scarf, which looks like our favorite blanket, keeps us warm in the winter. It can perfectly fit with any kind of style, whether we want to wear it with our denim pants and coat, or a skirt and a jacket.

achilleas accessories κασκόλ

Achilleas Accessories, plaid scarf

achilleas accessories blanket scarf

Αchilleas accessories, blanket scarf pink

It is also suitable for every women, even if you are petite and you think this big scarf will cover you up, but don’t be scared of it at all. When you wrap it around, it will take the shape you want and of course, you can wear it in a more classic way through your overcoat or jacket. Just prefer a monochrome one such as black, gray or dark blue. These colors are also easier to be mixed and matched.

zara κασκόλ

Zara, scarf

zara blanket scarf

Zara,two-tone scarf

Finally, you can make a more “bold” choice with a blanket scarf in a plaid pattern or in different colors. Especially if your outfit is dark and monochromatic, then such a scarf will add a little extra oomph.