We all love denim. Pants, skirts, jackets or shirts, we can wear them 24/7 and they fit every style. Each year, they come on different shapes and sizes, depending on fashion but still, they are an all time classic item for every wardrobe. Let’s see this spring’s denim trends.

  1. Color


You can find denim apparel in bright colors, such as yellow, red, green or printed. You may think it’s weird at first because you are used to the classic blue color, but it is in fact a very pleasant change.

  1. Onepiece suit

Preferably the boiler one, that reminds the 80s. Yeah, sure, it’s not very convenient if you need to go to the bathroom but it is one of the most stylish items of the season.

3. Mom’s style

When we say mom’s style, we mean any trends that comes from 90s. Oversized jackets, high waist straight pants and of course, all these in denim.

  1. Details

A different pocket, embroideries, badges, patches and details on the pants near the ankle. Details are going to make your denim stand out this season.

  1. Too long, too short

Forget all about tight, regular denim jackets. This year you are going for oversized or cropped. Long like a mini dress or short above the belly, your choice!