It is important to dedicate a little time for yourself to have a lunch break. Without taking adequate breaks from work, your productivity, mental and physical well-being, as well as your overall work performance begins to  decrease.
Breaks are one of the best ways to relax, especially after having a meal that you will be able to regain your energy.

Aside from boosting productivity, there are many benefits to taking a lunch break. Let’s see, the ways you can make the lunch break, constructive!


πικ νικ lunch break

As long as the weather is warm, you can have a mini picnic near the office with your colleagues. This is definitely a fun way to enjoy your food. The picnic can be done in a park or a small square in the area near the office. Prepare the food you will have from the previous day and you are ready.

Also during your lunch break, you can go for a walk and have some fresh air. After so much time in front of the computer what is better than a leisurely walk, listening to your favorite music on your mobile at the same time.


γυναίκα διαβάζει εφημερίδα

During my lunch break, when it comes time to eat something, I often like to read a book, a magazine or interesting articles like this one you are reading now in {vesper}. You can try it too. Then you will return to your routine
at the office and you will feel like you have been traveling.

Finally the secret of making the lunch break more constructive for you, is each time to do different things, the ones you feel like doing at the time, and don’t let it be another daily habit, and finally a routine! This can be something like eating a sweet, or go for a manicure or shopping.