Flowing culottes have been a trend in the recent years and are worn all year long. You will find them in a straight line, just below the knee and in various fabrics, like denim or corduroy.

This type of pants add femininity points, in a way that fits to all kind of women. It is also a great choice for any time of day or any occasion. Whether you go to the office, or to a brunch, for a coffee in the afternoon, a night out for a drink, or even for a trip, where you need to be more comfy during the flight or in the car, culottes are the perfect garment.

So it’s a key piece for your wardrobe and if you don’t already own one, I highly recommend you get one soon, and you’ll see how easily it matches all your shoes, accessories, and T-shirts. In fact, I’ve already put together some suggestions on how to wear culottes to get you started.

ζιπ κιλοτ μαζί με μπουστάκι stradivarius

Orange flowing culottes, Stradivarius

If you’re still in the summer mood but you have returned to the city, you can combine colored flowing culottes with a bandeau top and high heels. Ideal outfit for the evening, as well as for petite women, since high heels will make your legs look longer.

ζιπ κιλοτ με πουλόβερ pull and bear

Flowing culottes, Pull and Bear

For your first autumn look match culottes with a light, maybe cashmere, sweater and you’ll have a chic outfit, all day long. Especially if your pants are in classic black colour and your sweater in white or beige, you could even choose a flat shoe or sneakers to pair them, and they’ll still look elegant.

zara ζιπ κιλοτ πλισέ

Pleated culottes, Zara

You can also dare to wear pleated culottes, a fabric we’ve seen a lot in skirt this season, and make a difference. Ideally, match it with a bodice, as we want something more basic as a top, and you’ll have a flawless and very flattering ensemble.

Finally, keep in mind that flowing culottes can also be paired with shirts or turtlenecks, creating a more formal, office look. As for the shoes, whether you choose sandals, flatforms, or sportswear, they will surely fit perfectly. During winter and cold days, I would suggest to match them with angle boots or loafers, something we see a lot from instagramers and fashion bloggers.