The cold weather has cath up with us and we have to organize our wardrobes to welcome the new and more festive month of the year the best way possible.

Coats, knit dresses, umbrellas, scarves and of course our favorite rain boots give the winter vibes to our outfits.

Hunter Boots

Rain boots are the proof that we do not have to sacrifice our style in order to be comfortable.

And if you feel the need of some inspiration to create your outfits, you can find it right here.

Kate Spade

Here are some ways to create interesting outfits while wearing your rain boots.

Wear them:

With knit dresses and a long coat or cardigan
With skinny jeans or leggings and your most cozy pullover
With jeans and a nice scarf
With a plaid or jean shirt and an over the knee skirt
With pleated midi skirt and a sweater
With knee-high socks and a dress