Maria Tripolitaki Vesper Beauty & Fashion editor

You may not have heard it yet, but Norway started organizing the Oslo Runway in 2015. It is a new Norwegian “arena” in which designers present their upcoming collections .to press, future buyers and influencers.

Every year the event is hosted at the old Sentralen building, the largest workshop in the country for cultural events located in Oslo’s most central location. The runway takes place twice a year, February and August, and lasts 2 days.

The idea came from a great brand PR Agency, THISI IS PR, which wanted to create, a special fashion experience in Oslo. What is interesting is that besides the national participation there is also a request from international brands to attend the event. This will be the next year’s goal.

The Oslo Runway SS18 took place from 22nd to 24th of August the Oslo Runway SS18. Around 18 fashion designers and brands took part. The participants presented their spring-summer collection for 2018. On the last day, besides the party that took place after the end of the show, the Bik Bok Runway Award 2017 was awarded to 5 young, talented designers who will make their start in the Norwegian fashion industry.

Find bellow some of the designers that participated the show.

1.Fam Irvoll

Funny details and three-dimensional creations of Fam Irvoll can surprise everyone and give a more joyful touch to everyday life.


The word “haik” in Norwegian means “to hitch hike”. HAiK WITH US hitches hike to the Norwegian arena with a glow in the eye as everybody mentioned because all of its creations were decorated with the eye pattern.

3.Kjell Nordström

“Black Rose by BVB” is the first collection of Kjell Nordström or Baron von Bulldog inspired by the “little black dress”, and is a tribute to fashion of 20th century.

4.Veronica B. Vallenes

She is a recognized designer in the North, as she has been presenting her collections in the Copenhagen Fashion Week for 5 years, and she has been awarded the Danish fashion awards “Design Talent of the Year” and the Norwegian “Nåløyet”. Her creations combine Scandinavian air with a Parisian scent.

5. Edda Gimnes

This new girl charmed the judges with her creations as she is one of the Bik Bok Runway Award winners of 2017. The award-winning fashion designer wants to create clothes that will give joy to people and send them a journey to a different kind of world.