Maria Tripolitaki Vesper Beauty & Fashion editorIt is well known that Italians are famous for their finesse and their special style. Τhe Venetians in particular, have been producing for many centuries, objects of exceptional beauty, surrounded by a mystery, always aiming at the most precious good of all, Freedom. Among these artists is the pioneer Edoardo Caovilla, who in 1934 presented his wonderful shoes for the first time, proving that every shoe can be a story that goes from one generation to another. His son, René Caovilla, decided to continue his father’s outstanding work by creating 60 wonderful “pieces of art” that show the evolution of the new generation.

Caovilla shoes are a hymn to beauty, aesthetics, comfort and sex appeal. They require skills, design, talent and the experienced hands of the best craftsmen in complete harmony with the Venetian art to produce a wonderful result. It is essentially a mixture of Italy and Venice, which will inevitably capture your heart. Seeing Caovilla shoes, all you can think of is passion for perfection and high craftsmanship combined with the “luxury” of freedom. Famous celebrities have loved René’s artworks and wore his creations on the red carpet and not just there, like Adriana Lima, Stella Maxwell, Rita Ora, Nicole Kidman, Gigi Hadid, Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce, etc.

Find bellow some of René Caovilla’s wonderful creations from his Spring / Summer 2018 collection.


Cleo Sandal Multi-Strass