Do you see streetstyle photos in instagram and think how great they are and you want to take the perfect photo for your #VesperStylish Look too? Check out the tips below on how to pose like a pro!

Tip 1: Accessories

Usually when posing we don’t know what to do with our hands … accessories are the solution. A handbag gives meaning to your hands. A ring will help you pose as you show off your “decorated” hand. A long necklace can give a romantic touch to your pose when you occupy your hands with it.


Tip 2: Walking

Instead of standing like a statue in front of the camera, try to be photographed as you walk. The body looks much more natural and relaxed. Try to walk as slow as you can to get a clear shot.

Tip 3: Do not look at the camera

Unless you are a professional model, even those have their issues, when you look at the camera there is always a nervousness in your expression. Try to pose without looking at the cammera. Look at the side, a little higher or lower. Immediately the expression of the face is more natural. You can also wear sunglasses that even add a mystery!

Try the tips above and upload your photo in instagram with hastag #VesperStylish. See your photo on the homepage of {vesper} !!! Good luck!