It’s been a few days since fashion brands, including Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Prada, as well as other big representatives of the so-called fast fashion, such as H&M Group and Zara, have announced that they are about to sign an informal agreement to limit the pollutants they produce and to mark that the fashion industry should be sustainable.

It is obvious that the fashion industry must take the issue of the environment seriously. It is well known that the environmental issues concerned until recently a very small proportion of the market and very few brands have put them ​​in their agenda. But in the recent years we have seen a “happy domino” of luxury brands moving towards this direction.


France, which has always been a pioneer in matters of fashion and environment, supports the deal, with Emmanuel Macron expressing doubts about whether Donald Trump will also follow.

We all remember that Stella McCartney had started using faux leather and suedes since 2001, while working with Adidas to develop innovative recyclable textures. But today it is a great momentum and that is reflected in the fact that the LVMH group has a CEO for the environmental issues and that fast fashion leaders have also actively entered the game.

Stella Mc Cartney

The speed at which we buy clothes should be reduced urgently, and it is no coincidence that H&M has launched the Garment Collection Program, a major effort, in terms of recognizing these new needs.

Stella Mc Cartney

Nowadays, many designers emphasize and value fashion sustainability and this has as a result shoppers who respond positively to this trend by showing their intention to spend more money to buy environmental friendly products. In fashion, after all, branding and marketing play a powerful role, and sustainable fashion seems to be the coolest trend at the moment.

We hope that this trend is here to stay!