Apart from the timeless monochrome clothing pieces there are the prints that appear each season: floral, plaid, polka dot and animal prints.

However the new trend of the season, is not exactly a print, but the so-called “two-tone trend”.


The new fashion obsession, the two-tone trend, is the combination of two colors on the same clothing piece and it’s perfect to add a sophisticated aesthetic to our outfits.


It reminds us of the color-blocking trend, which combines different shades of colors on the same outfit or even contrasting colors such as warm with neutral and has been famous for over three years.


While it could seem like an “extravagant” trend, designers have done their best to come up with an elegant approach, giving an interesting twist to classic pieces of our wardrobe like our silk shirts. plaid coats, midi dresses and booties.


If you choose a two-tone piece be sure to combine it with neutral colors as well as discreet accessories.

Degree of difficulty in creating your outfits? But of course 2 …!