Floral dresses are a trend for yet another summer. It’s the best choice when you don’t know what to wear if you go for a walk, or to the office or even for a night out. Generally a dress is a complete outfit so you don’t have to think about which tops or pants to match.

Especially now in the summer, aerial dresses are all you need to cope with high temperatures especially during the day, but at the same time to have style. Floral dress is a great choice for  formal occasions, such as a christening or a wedding. Of course if this is the case I would recommend a maxi floral or an A-line dress.

Here at {Vesper}, we have to propose four different ways to style the floral dress. You will surely have one in your wardrobe, though with the sales that are still on, you will find something to suit you. Find bellow some interesting options that will save you time!

floral dress stradivarius

Floral dress, Stradivarius

floral μάξι φόρεμα από bershka

Maxi floral dress, Bershka

So once we have our basic piece, lets create several outfits, mainly based on using different accessories. With the right kind of shoes, bags, hats, belts or a shirt, we can wear our floral dress numerous times, avoiding looking the same over and over again. Sometimes we can achieve a more romantic look, others a chic and sleek one or even a sexy look.

For a special occasion, we suggest that you match it with pink sandals and a cross body bag in a pastel shade. These pink vinyl sandals and a purse will add a vintage touch. This outfit is ideal for the summer, as bright colors are a must.


πέδιλα από βινύλ stradivarius

Pink sandals, Stradivarius

τσάντα stradivarius

Cross body bag , Stradivarius

Another way to style your dress is to wear it with a long monochromatic shirt over it, in yellow colour for instance. Vibrant colors will make a nice contrast with the floral pattern. This look is perfect for an evening stroll on an island as it will protect you from the chill and keep you in style.

κίτρινο πουκάμισο bershka

Yellow shirt, Bershka

For a fuss-free, athleisure aesthetic, match your floral dress with sneakers. Choose white sneakers like the ones below to “break” the black monochrome of the dress we previously proposed. Of course a total black look is always a safe option and fits every season.

λευκά sneakers stradivarius

White sneakers, Stradivarius

For a more bold, made for the spirit of now outfit, you can try on your favorite dress with slim fit denim pants. It’s a trend widespread among bloggers. We recommend a loose dress that will match better with the pants. Extra tip: Get a maxi dress and tuck a part of it in your jeans.

τζιν bershka

Jean, Bershka