Many times there are some bold colors that we really love but they make us feel uncomfortable when we wear them. Bright yellow, red, orange, green may not suit our characteristics but we still like them so much that we get upset when we can not put them on. The #VesperStylish girl, Terry Paganopoulou has the styling tips that will get you out of this dead end.


Incorporate your favorite color into your look with accessories. Not only do they give you the opportunity to use the color you like but they upgrade any outfit and can make you the center of attention without making you feel weird. A bright colored bag is a great solution. You can even choose a beautiful scarf for the neck or the hair. Rings, necklaces, earrings add a little touch of that bold color, no more than you need. Another alternative is a colored belt or a pair of shoes.

Wear it at the bottom

Usually intense colors make us feel uncomfortable when we wear them at the top, either as a blouse, shirt or a jacket. You will be surprised how different you can feel if you wear it at the bottom, like pants or a skirt. This is because it is far from the face whose characteristics are what determine whether a color suits us or not.

Στυλιστικά Tips: Πως να ενσωματώσεις ένα έντονο χρώμα στην εμφάνισή σου

So try to wear your favorite bold color with one of the suggested ways above and find the one that will make you feel better. Do not exclude this joy from your life! Especially this season that bright colors are the biggest fashion trend!