They are one of the most controversial but also the most comfortable items in every woman’s closet. But how can we manage to wear these beautiful pieces of our wardrobe properly?

Girlfriend Collective Activewear

The first pieces of activewear were created for the needs of …yoga.  It is not only about meeting the needs of an exercise, but entering our daily lives, at any time of the day, making us smile comfortably outside the gym and our daily workout routine.

Bona Fide Activewear

In fact, in recent years we have seen leggings worn even with shirts or jackets, in the morning coffee, in the office and even during the evening drinks. And it may sounds nice, but if you don’t look like Gigi Hadid for example, you need to take care on how to properly wear your leggings.


Some Styling tips:

  1. During the coldest months, wear them with a beautiful oversized sweater
  2. Dare to combine with cropped tops, a jean jacket and the necessary sunglasses for the morning hours
  3. For the evening time match them with a fancy  jacket but choose a monochrome piece
  4. And of course the most effortless and comfortable combination is with a simple oversized T-shirt

Nagnata Activewear

In any case, invest in quality pieces made of fine fabric that is designed to eliminate moisture and keep us comfortable for many hours during a day. If you are afraid that your combinations will not have a “happy ending”, opt for monochrome pieces and use accessories such as sunglasses, a belt bag or a shirt tied around your waist to ensure a proper “transport” of your leggings, outside the gym!