During autumn, there is nothing better than a beautiful dress that you can wear from all day long. The boundaries between morning coffee, office, afternoon strolling and night out could be blurred just in the right way.

On-the-go dresses are the first choice of the season as their variations are endless in prints and designs as well as in length so that you can stand out every day, breaking your stylistic routine.

Here are some highlights of the season:

Floral Prints

Who said that flowers have no place at this season? Here is an ideal version of the long sleeved maxi dress.


Polka dots

No matter how often we deny it, all of us deeply love the polka dot as it puts a smile on our face, reminding us something from our childhood.


Sleeveless dresses combined with a shirt or long sleeved T-shirts

The game is on and it looks like a puzzle. Put the right pieces in place and conquer an irresistible outfit.


Sister Jane

The “gabardine” dress

It looks like a gabardine and it is another good choice for an “autumn dress”.