Cherries, strawberries, watermelons, melons, grapes and mangoes.

Cool flavors and beautiful images that carry with them the sweetness of our favorite time of the year … summer!

So it is no coincidence that the new trend in jewellery for summer 2020 is adding a fresh and playful note to our summer looks.

Lemons and small peppers with their beautiful shapes and bright colors are also part of this trend as they can give a special character to our monochromatic looks in a pretty fun way.

You will usually find these jewellery in variations, either made of glass or a combination of colored beads.

Do you remember when we were kids wearing real cherries around our ears as we hadn’t pierced them yet?

This trend has to do with something sweet and nostalgic …

An ideal occasion to rediscover some of our lost childhood and smile! 🙂

Ideally match them with small gold jewellery for an even more interesting look.