Women pay a great deal of attention to accessories as we are getting ready for work or even for a night out.  The truth is that accessories can transform our look from chic to more girly or the other way around. They can make a formal ensemble look more relaxed and vise versa. Headbands are an accessory we usually use during spring. So how are we going to wear the new trend?

Headbands were big trend at the 80’s and we see that they were loved even by famous Hollywood stars. It adds a certain cuteness to the look while you can choose something more classic, such as a black velvet headband or a brighter one.
You can also choose a fabric headband or a wool one, depending on where you are going.

However, it is a beautiful piece of accessory that with the right make up, it will immediately accentuate your face. Furthermore it can be of great help  if you are having a bad hair day and you’re in a hurry. Just wear your headband and you’ll have a stylish bun in no time.

headband με κότσο

headband μαύρο

μάλλινο headband

floral headband

κόκκινο headband