It may probably be for Sarah Jessica Parker that the name of Manollo Blanik became widely known throughout the world, besides the elite clientele of the high fashion shoe designer.

In the ’70s he was the one that insisted on the big comeback of “stiletto” over  the platforms that had conquered the fashion world at that time. He once said that he liked them for “a second” and then he regretted it: “There is something obscure in these shoes, very cheap, it is not the right shoe. In the ’70s I liked them for just a second and then , I hated them. ”

The “King of Shoes”, as many people call him, stared in a very beautiful documentary, called “The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards-2017-” as when he was a child, he used to make shoes from ribbons and candy wrappers and put them on the lizards’ feet that he found in countryside.

Recently he stated that he was obsessed with Delphi, to such extent that he’s now thinking of  creating  his next collection based on ancient Greece!


As he told the Telegraph, he enjoys visiting the Benaki Museum when he is in Athens from where he gets inspiration. He could… “copy” everything but then he would hated it. He may get inspired by details, but he will never copy anything.

We are definitely looking forward to see his next collection, what about you?