Christina Badoyianni - Χριστίνα Μπαδογιάννη - Vesper Fashion EditorEven though there are some trends like monochromatic outfits that are safer and can be achieved with our eyes closed, there are few trends occasionally dominating the fashion industry that let us experiment more with colours, patterns or motives. One of these trends is “mix & match” trend according to which we can match completely different pieces in a way that can be in harmony.

A way to achieve this trend is to combine different motives like floral with mariniere or polka dots. The secret lies to the fact that there has to be at least one common colour. One the other hand its much easier is to choose garments that are already “mixed & matched” – like a dress or a jacket with a military pattern and embroidery details – or a denim jacket with lacey patches. The fact that they match different kind of styles makes them a must have for every wardrobe.

If we prefer to follow the trend for the shoes, then we can pick the ones with floral pattern for romantic walks, or denim flatforms with navy details and embroidered flowers for an edgier look – the last one emphasizes on the shoes and leaves the rest outfit safer and monochromatic.

The “mix & match” trend as much colourful and stylish it may seem, it’s hard not to cross the limit and have an extravagant look. Nevertheless, if you follow these few tips you can create a more alternative and unique outfit.


Embroidered Jacket Bershka | Floral shorts with fringes Bershka


 Dress with cleavage and belt  Stradivarius |Denim jacket with tulle and embroidered flowers Bershka


 Flatforms Bozikis | Medium floral heels Zara