Are you tired of wearing the same classic, boring clothes in the office? We’ve chosen for you five #VesperStylish office outfits for next week to add miles to your style!

Printed Blouse

Choose a beautiful print to lift up your mood and make an impress to the office or your evening walk.

#VesperStylish working outfits

Zara – Printed Blouse

Classic with a modern twist

A classic chanel style jacket and dress can look modern with an interesting color and a lighter texture than the classic tweed fabric.


#VesperStylish working outfits

Zara – Flecked cardigan & Dress

Satin Glamour

Add extra shine to your looks with a satin shirt.

#VesperStylish working outfits

H&M – Satin Khaki Shirt

A pop of color

Mix & Match your classic striped suit with a touch of red. Choose red shoes or for even more bold effect a red coat.

#VesperStylish working outfits

Stradivarius – Flowing Blazer

Sweater over shirt

One of the most favorite combinations of a #VesperStylish girl! White shirt and a lovely sweater on top with a print, polka dot is ideal. It immediately tops off the style of your look.

#VesperStylish working outfits

Stradivarius – Polka Dot Sweater