Definitely the black and white color are dominate in your wardrobe for office outfits. With some pieces in beige or gray. But you can liven up your wardrobe by choosing colorful suits. If you are not a fan of bright colors and orange, red, green do not suit you, then you can choose shades that have a little gray in them, such as lilac, lavender, light purple. This way you can create interesting looks, in addition to the classic neutral shades, and you will catch the eyes of your colleagues!

The #VesperStylish Girl, Terry Paganopoulou, has the perfect outfit idea that you can wear easily in the office. The suit in lilac color (Donna Martha via ). If you think that maybe summer weather is not ideal for a suit, then remember two things. First at this time of the year, the weather is unpredictable. The morning and evening may be cool, or there may even be days when a chill wind blows and then you need something to warm you up. Secondly, the temperature outside of the office is totaly different from inside, as the air condition cools the space. In fact, when there are several colleagues in the same room, then maybe it is way more cooler than your taste.

Terry matched the lilac suit with a light pink shirt (Donna Martha via ). She even chose one with satin fabric to add more glamour to her look. Paired it with wonderful accessories, silver crystal earrings () and a silver ring with purple detail (Swatch). She completed her look with heels in light nude pink color (Capodarte via).


Photography :

Makeup & Hairstyling: Makigiaz.Com

Model :

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