The number 11 11 was tattooed by the famous actress Jenifer Aniston and that was enough to arouse our curiosity. Of course, this number may not be the most artistic thing we’ve seen in a tattoo, but it symbolizes two important dates for her.

The first date is February 11th, her birthday, which is relatively common for most people. Of greater interest is the second date, which is the date on which she lost her favorite dog, Norman. Aniston loved her little pet very much, which kept her company for many years.

Norman was always with her on the set of the successful series, Friends, and it supported her emotionally in the difficult moments of her life, such as her divorce with Brad Pitt. She also paid tribute to her beloved dog the year she lost it by getting a tattoo with his name on her leg.

Jenifer Aniston proves that pets, like all living souls, are part of the families who take care of them and spend a lifetime with them, supporting them in their own way.