The winter collection of Vivienne Westwood is a fact and it’s here to change, once again, everything we know about clothes. As she says: “Every time I design a collection of clothes, I have to take hundreds of decisions. The goal is not the sales, but the messages that I want to give”. So, in this collection we meet ecologist Vivienne Westwood, presenting an uninterrupted fashion show of men and women clothing, that objects to the ‘tired’ system and motivates us to turn to green energy.

Vivienne Westwood’s collection, Ecotricity, aims to have as “allies” artists, crafters, intellectuals, and every ‘’special’’ personality, believing that the strength of these people can change the future. Furthermore she urged us, through her collection, to follow green energy with the message: “Buy less, choose wisely, make it last.”

Finally, with a catwalk, that gives more value to ecology, where men and women fashion, change and exchange with unisex clothes, but also with theatrical influences. The colors couldn’t miss the earthly palette, to the majority, as the designs of the fabrics are inspired by nature and human, combined with a paper crown.