This year we have spent most of the spring, as well as Easter, at home. Time with relatives, goal redefinition, testing of new cooking recipes but also for many of us reorganising our wardrobe.

Usefulness, antiquity, emotional value … Which clothes has chosen to keep each one of us and why? But also which shoes…? Our minds at this time of year are going to that timeless pair of shoes that can be worn during all the seasons, except winter.

Let’s learn some more things and take a look at some of our favorite ballet flats of 2020!

Comfort, timelessness, elegance. These words can describe the importance of this pair of shoes for our wardrobe.

Most of us consider ballet flats an integral part of our wardrobe. They are a girlish touch to our outfits and at the same time they can be worn perfectly with a more strict-elegant outfit to give a chic but playful touch.

Historically ballet flats are associated with dance and ballet, and their existence dates back to the 16th century, when in fact men wore shoes with the same shape.

During the Middle Ages, ballerinas became equally popular for both men and women, and in the 17th and 18th centuries they went out of fashion due to the rise of high-heeled shoes.

Comfortable shoes such as sandals, boots and ballerinas made their comeback in the 19th century and especially in 1957 when Audrey Hepburn wore them in various films.

In 1947, Rose Repetto created her first pair of ballerinas. When Brigitte Bardot wore one of her pairs, they were sold out and she made a fortune.

Today there is a pair of ballet flats in almost every woman’s wardrobe. Made out of different materials and in different colors, ballet flats add character to our looks, while the variations we see in different shoes and clothing brands are “countless”.

To be honest we love a little bit more the personalized ballerinas that remind us to be ourselves at each of our steps!