The film industry has always been related to fashion. Famous designers and companies used glamorous stars such as (Dietrich, Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, Vivien Leigh, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Leonardo Di Caprio etc) in order to advertise their haute couture gowns. The reason that a film is characterized as a success is not just for its  plot. Directors, actors but also to the unseen heroes, costume designers and dressmakers play an important part. With their good taste and elegant costumes, they manage to skyrocket every film by reviving the air and glamour of each era. Don’t forget that the first thing we see in a movie is the actor’s costumes. We’ve seen movies that, with their elegant costumes, made a great impression, added more fame to the designers , and stole the hearts of millions of viewers. Who could better advertize Dior than Dietrich in “Stage Fright”? Who would better highlight Givency’s little black dress than the legendary Audrey Hebburn in “Breakfast at Tifany’s? Can you think something more pretty than, the one and only, Grace Kelly, in “catch a thief” who wore the costumes of Edith Head? Who would be the best version of a fatal woman from sexy Sharon Stone and her white mini dress at the “Basic Instinct”, designed by Ellen Mirojnick?

Below we focus on the most chic and stylish styling hits in the history of cinema.




Julia’s Roberts makeover, as a modern Cinderella, was incarnated by the films costumes. From the long polka dot dress with the white hat, that was certainly one of the top staple of the season, transforming Roberts into a Fashion icon by the magic hands of Marilyn Vance, to  the impressive red long gown that matched like a glove on her, making Richard Gere fall in love and the film’s success reaching the top.





Meryl Streep once again left us speechless with her unique acting skills as Miranda Priestley in “The Devil Wears Prada”. Miranda Priestley, was a chic, demanding and workaholic fashion magazine editor in chief who puts pressure at Anne Hathaway and other employees with her tyrannical behavior. The film was considered a huge commercial success as it won numerous of Oscar nominations, including credit to costume designer Patricia Flint. The film was entirely based on the glamorous world of fashion, which every woman dreams of entering. Besides Prada, which was on the films name, there were plenty of other brands and designers featured such as Valentino’s black gown that Streep wore at the black tie party, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Burberry, Dior and Calvin Clein that made the film characterized as a tribute to fashion.


Μόδα και σινεμά - οι πιο stylish ταινίες όλων των εποχών





Audrey Hepburn appeared on our screens as Holly, at dawn enjoying her coffee and admiring Tiffany’s coveted jewelries. The haute couture black, long minimal gown, and at the same time so impressive, made by the fashion master Givency, made us “fall in love”. Her stylist Edith Head was inspired by the role of  heroine Holly, a call girl who loved luxurious and expensive life and transformed Hepburn as the right bait for eligible bachelors. I won’t forget her orange coat, on her walk with her co-star George Peppard, another masterpiece that had the signature of Givency, or her “cloque” black dress with the puffy skirt, which she paired with black glasses and a wide hat. The film had a huge impact and it remained in our memory as the ultimate fashion show room at the time, with the most stylish looks in the history of the cinema.



This film is taking place in Hollywood at ’70’s and Leonardo Di Caprio plays the famous star Rick Dalton, a Western Series actor whose career is now fading. It is about a series of adventures with his doubler and loyal friend Cliff Booth, played by Bratt Pitt. Arianne Philipps incarnated the old Hollywood into today, with a very special and well considered wardrobe, that make a high impact to the viewers. A retro wardrobe in the frantic Hollywood of the late 60’s. We couldn’t take our eyes off Rick Dalton’s gold pendant, which he wore throughout the film, over a turtleneck or Dalton’s epic gold chevalier ring. “Hawaiian” Cliff Booth was certainly the one who made the most impression in Tarantino’s film. Total denim ensembles, Peter Pan suede shoes, colored aviator glasses and the marvelous yellow Hawaiian shirt which he wore throughout the film, over a graphic t-shirt.

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“The Phantom Thread” (2017) and the lilac gown worn by Vicky Krieps was made out of a rare 17th-century lace, congrats go to the award-winning costume designer, Mark Bridges. Marion Cotillard, transformed into the most dangerously sexy spy ever, wearing the most awesome dresses we’ve ever seen on the big screen for “Allied” (2016), while Cate Blanchett in the film “Carol” (2015) left us stunned with the thoughtful costumes from the famous Sandy Powell and as for the masterpiece “Great Gatsby”, the professional designer Miuccia Prada, italian designer, created 40 costumes and the result was simply unique. The list is endless as fashion and cinema have become one.



“The Phantom Thread” (2017)



“ALLIED” (2016)



“CAROL” (2015)